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Established in 1982, Community EMS began with twenty-five employees and four ambulances.   At present, there are nearly 2,000 employees among its organizations and twelve different fleets of emergency and non-emergency vehicles that include standard ambulances, mobile intensive care units, bariatric transport vehicles and lab courier cars.  In addition to an exponential increase in size and services offered, Community EMS has grown in structure, opening an EMS training school and becoming a partner to eleven Joint Ventures and partnerships in four states.

Located at 25400 West Eight Mile Road in Southfield, Michigan, the company now occupies its fourth change of location due to continuing growth over the years.  This Southfield location houses our ACE accredited state-of-the-art 24/7 dispatch facility, which accepts over 1,200 calls each day.  We also have a second dispatch facility in Ohio which supports our Ohio and Illinois operations.  Our new location has given rise to a number of opportunities to better serve the area and its surrounding communities.  For instance, expansion afforded Community EMS the ability to house an EMS billing center as well as a fleet maintenance facility that services both our extensive fleet, municipalities, outside fleets, and those of the public at large by appointment.  Other technological advancements include the implementation of electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) which allows EMS providers to use handheld devices to accurately and securely record patient data at the scene of the emergency or routine transport.

Over the past thirty years, Community EMS has developed a number of mutually rewarding relationships with other health care systems, municipalities, and ancillary providers.  In addition to having mutual-aid agreements with many neighboring communities and organizations, our family of joint ventures provide standby coverage for the Detroit Red Wings, the Detroit Lions, and the Detroit Tigers, as well as for other local events as requested.  Community EMS has provided staff and vehicles for such national disasters as Hurricanes Ike, Rita, Katrina, and Sandy, and has engaged in county wide emergency preparedness plans and agreements. To support its continued growth, Community EMS has created subsidiaries to manage critical, yet specialized tasks.  These are the Life Support Training Institute (LSTI), CEMTECH, and Parastar.  



Our Family

Community EMS: Founded in August of 1982, CEMS is the oldest licensed EMS system in Oakland County. CEMS employs over 1,500 employees among its organizations and is the largest private EMS provider in South Eastern Michigan. Over the last few years, CEMS has seen growth in volume through improved performance monitoring and reporting which is shared with our clients and employees. Their growth is due to their entrepreneurial spirit and vision which is responsible for their unique JV model that has proven successful with 10 health system partners. Recently Community EMS of Michigan has developed a community partnership with Kettering Health Network of Ohio, and is proudly providing EMS services in the Dayton area. 


Life Support Training Institute: LSTI was established in 1986 for the purpose of providing our employees training and education. Over the years, LSTI has grown to become a leader in pre-hospital training and education, and has been approved by both the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH), as well as being a Community Training Center (CTC) approved by the American Heart Association. In addition to training EMTs and Paramedics, LSTI also works closely with municipal fire and police departments.  Recently LSTI passed its state accreditation and is one of the only private, non-college affiliated institutes to do so. LSTI is now preparing to gain national accreditation that would allow students to obtain federal tuition grants. LSTI employs five staff members and greater than 30 instructors. LSTI has enabled our organization to grow through providing highly qualified professionals to all of our organizations as well as providing our current employees with continuing education and career advancing training. LSTI is projecting its largest enrollment over the next 12 months.


Community Ambulance of Zanesville Ohio:
Founded in August of 1994, CAS is a Joint Venture partnership between Community EMS and Genesis HealthCare System, and is considered one of the premier EMS systems in the state of Ohio.  CAS employs over 100 employees and is the only private EMS service for Muskingum County.  Like CEMS, CAS is currently deploying the same technology to provide high quality EMS and logistic management in the form of Mobile Data Terminals (MDT’s), handheld field data collection devices, and Zoll 12-lead EKG monitors. CAS and its employees are some of the finest in the industry and a true pleasure to have within our family. We will be soon be distributing a film made by the CAS staff relating to the history of CAS.



HealthLink Medical Transportation: Established in July of 1997 as a Joint Venture partnership with Oakwood Health Care System, HealthLink is our fastest growing company employing more than 150 employees. HealthLink is now considered the premier EMS service in Western Wayne County. HealthLink not only provides high-level EMS services in their region but also has one of the largest courier services in Michigan providing services to the Oakwood Health System, Henry Ford Health System, as well as their large outreach labs.  HealthLink currently provides standby service for the Detroit Lions. 


DMCare Express: A Joint Venture partnership between the Detroit Medical Center and Community EMS. Formed in 2007, DMCare Express is a world-class provider of medical transportation among DMC facilities as well as emergency response in the Detroit area.  DMCare Express employees enjoy newly renovated headquarters, new vehicles, state-of-the-art EMS equipment, excellent benefits and the opportunity to staff special event standbys such as the Belle Isle Grand Prix, the Red Bull Air Race, the Detroit Red Wings, and the Detroit Tigers.


Beaumont Medical Transportation: A Joint Venture between Beaumont Health System and Community EMS, Beaumont Medical Transportation Service (BMTS) was established in March of 2008, and has been growing actively both in size and quality of service ever since. BMTS is a not-for-profit corporation, committed to providing quality emergency and non-emergency pre-hospital care and medical transportation. It also provides educational services for health care organizations, municipalities and the general public of Southeastern Michigan. 


: Serving the Columbus Area, MedCare Ambulance is a partnership that brings Community EMS together with MedFlight, a leading edge provider of critical care air and ground transportation.  This venture supports Ohio Health, Ohio State Medical Center, and the surrounding communities. MedCare Ambulance is dispatched using a state-of-the-art communications center, which utilizes Zoll RescueNet dispatching software. This software allows our EMD trained dispatchers to easily assign the closest most appropriate vehicle by utilizing our candidate ranking system. When a call is received the dispatcher can easily see what ambulances are available, what level of service the ambulance provides, the distance the ambulance is from the call and the estimated ETA of the vehicle. This is done with the use of automated vehicle locating modules which are driven by GPS locators in each ambulance. At MedCare, our goal is to get the appropriate vehicle to your location with fast response times.


Edward Ambulance Services is an Edward Hospital Joint Venture with Community EMS, Inc., that provides non-911 ambulance transportation throughout Edward's service area in the west and southwest suburbs of Chicago. The Joint Venture, between a healthcare provider and ambulance service, is the first of its kind in the Chicago area.



CEMTECH: Founded in 2003, CEMTECH is a repair facility within the Community EMS main headquarters. CEMTECH began offering mechanical repairs at discount rates to employees within the system. Recently CEMTECH added four new hoists in an expansion into what was once the warehouse facility on the east side of our headquarters.   Since its founding, CEMTECH has expanded into a total of three facilities: two in Michigan, and one (CASTECH) in Ohio.  All CEMTECH technicians are Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified or state certified technicians. CEMTECH is currently doing the warranty work for Wheeled Coach.  




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