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I’m not sure if many of you caught the hub bub and activity this week, but one of the things that makes me feel proud to be a part of this company is the pro-activity we take in as-signing and being a part of our local community. As the weather got colder and the snow came down more, CEMS assembled a team of individuals that went out and helped the homeless or those less fortunate who were without heat, water, or food. Coats, hats, gloves, scarves, socks, shoes, pants, blankets, etc. were also handed out. As a result of the publicity of the event, community sup-port and donations of food, clothing, and even firewood poured in from several volunteers.

According to Lena Azzouz , we even had $130 of donated fire-wood from Home Depot. Manager Mike Massey stated “It was the right thing to do.”

Lena further stated that “The look on people’s faces is all we needed to see it showed how thankful they were for every-thing. All they would say is God Bless You over and over again. There were beyond thankful for what we were doing.”

On the first night, some CEMS crews were utilized to assist some people to homeless shelters as the rehab unit had difficulties with the cold weather. The group from CEMS continued their mission on day two and as news spread and calls continued to come in for welfare checks as night drew near and the cold weather worsened, a few individuals agreed to stay on and work the “night shift and continue the effort without any affect on night time deployment.” As part of that crew it was phenomenal to see the community response, the warm faces at the shelters and warming centers as well as public acknowledgement . Everywhere we went people were appreciative of our efforts and even Detroit P.D. assisted us on a detail underneath one of the eight mile and Woodward viaduct.

Lena summarized by saying “Overall it was a great program to be a part of. I wouldn't have asked to be part of something more gratifying. I am very thankful that I work for such a great company that is involved with doing such great things for people in need.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. What does our job really entail? Helping others in their time of need, no more, no less. It is the compassion-ate care of others be it emergent or just holding their hand and getting them from A to B that sets great individuals apart from the masses.

Until next time. Happy New Year and may the compassion be with you.

-James Laidlaw
Director of Operations
Community EMS

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